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Help with school projects

We would like to be able to help, but we are a small charity with few staff and we have to concentrate our efforts on saving threatened buildings -- so the short answer is no! However, as we don't want to discourage anybody from studying the Victorians, here are some starting points.

For parents and teachers


Historic England has a section of its website dedicated to education

For children

There are many books about the Victorians. These are just a few of our favourites:

Edward Hayward, Upstairs and Downstairs: Life in an English Country House (Pitkin)

Alison Honey, Investigating the Victorians (National Trust)

Alison Honey, Inside a Victorian House (National Trust)

Brian Moses, Look Inside a Victorian Schoolroom (Wayland)

Michael St John Parker, Life in Victorian Britain (Pitkin)

Sallie Purkis, Your Victorian Locality (Longman)

Anna Steel, Victorian Children (Beginning History Series)

Richard Tames, What do we Know about the Victorians? (Hodder Wayland)

Dorothy Turner, Victorian Factory Workers (Beginning History Series)

Laura Wilson, Daily Life in a Victorian House (Hamlyn)

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