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Buccleuch Hotel in Kettering threatened with demolition

The Buccleuch Hotel in Kettering, a fine late Victorian building at risk of demolition

The Beccleuch Hotel, Kettering Copyright Kevin Rush

A developer has applied for permission to demolish The Buccleuch, now Zen Spice restaurant, and replace it with a new block of flats.   

Built in 1891 to cater to Kettering's expanding population, The Buccleuch is a highly characterful and attractively detailed Victorian public house and hotel. Its vivid roofline animates the streetscape, with handsome dormer windows, chimneys and an impressive turreted corner. The building's many external historic features appear largely intact. The florid base of the turret proudly proclaims the name and date of the pub's founding. In addition to the main three-storey former public house, adjoining structures are to one side in a similar and attractive style and honest stabling blocks on the other.

This wonderful Victorian building on the corner of Stamford Road and Barnwell Street makes a very positive contribution to the surrounding streetscape, in which it is one of the most important and distinguished buildings.

James Hughes, Conservation Adviser at the Victorian Society commented:

"We urge Kettering Borough Council to refuse approval for the needless destruction of the Buccleuch Hotel. Demolishing it would deprive the area of one of its better buildings and would be detrimental to the character of the area, eroding Kettering's history and identity."


Thursday 3 April, 2014

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