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‘Jarring’ zig-zag lines

A new floor will clash with Grade I Victorian interior

The church as it is now. (Photo by Graham Woodward)

Wide_on_church_plan_showing_floor.JPG Microsoft_PowerPoint_-_TA_NBC_12-12.ppt_11122012_095258_.jpg

Designs for a new floor in a beautiful and historic Nottingham church have been criticised by the Society.

The floor is being proposed for the thousand year-old church of St Mary The Virgin in Nottingham city centre. The church is Grade I listed, and the appearance of the building's interior owes much to Victorian restorations.

But the floor plans have been strongly questioned. Tom Ashley, Conservation Adviser at the Victorian Society says, 'This stridently patterned floor would be at cross-purposes with its setting.'

'The character of the church is to draw the eye strongly down the nave. But this new pattern will zig-zag to and fro, clashing with this forward thrust and muddling the historic design. It will look rather peculiar.'

Tom adds, 'There are examples of richly decorated church floors - not least in other medieval and Victorian churches - but this one bears no intelligible relationship to the existing building. '

'The church is a wonderful example of late Gothic architecture carefully restored and reimagined by the Victorians, and such a major intervention needs to be much more sensitively handled. While we appreciate the high quality materials that are proposed, the design itself jars.'

'Installing such a floor would be a mistake the church - and its visitors - end up regretting in future years.'

The Victorian Society is urging the church to rethink the floor designs to reflect the historic interior.

Tuesday 11 December, 2012

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