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Battersea pub demolished without permission

We urge the Council to reject the developer’s subsequent application for retrospective planning permission.

The former Fishmonger's Arms, Battersea - photo courtesy Wandsworth Council.

The Victorian Society has welcomed Wandsworth Council’s decision to order the rebuilding of a handsome Victorian pub in Battersea which was demolished without planning permission. However, the Society urges the Council to reject the developer’s subsequent application for retrospective planning permission. Firm action is needed to show that there is no profit in breaching planning regulations.

Christopher Costelloe, Director of the Victorian Society, said: ‘The loss of this pub follows the recent demolition of Maida Vale’s Carlton Tavern - which Westminster Council has now ordered to be rebuilt. Wandsworth Council should take a similarly strong stance and reject the application for retrospective planning permission. A point of principle is at stake. This handsome Victorian pub made a positive contribution to the local area for around 150 years – its sudden demolition was illegal and deprived the local community of a chance to comment on the plans.’

A Wandsworth Council appraisal had previously highlighted the positive contribution of former Fishmonger’s Arms to the St John’s Hill Grove conservation area. Following the demolition, the Council informed the Victorian Society that it is ‘taking enforcement action against this developer following the unlawful demolition of this landmark conservation area building, which in our view was a serious breach of planning rules’. However, as the developer has now asked for retrospective consent for the demolition, the Council went on to say that it is ‘duty bound to consider this application fairly’ but if permission is refused, the developer ‘will be required to rebuild the pub or potentially face further legal action’. The Victorian Society urges the Council to reject the application for retrospective planning permission to deter other developers from making unauthorised demolitions.

Tuesday 14 July, 2015

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