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‘Dying’ former hospital

Windows are open and bricks are falling out

Photo courtesy Wikipedia

According to local volunteers, The Frank James Memorial Hospital on the Isle of Wight is open to the elements and deteriorating rapidly.

The Society is calling for it to be made properly weather-proof and for the local council to ensure that the work is carried out properly.

The Frank James Memorial Hospital was built in 1893 in East Cowes, originally as a Home for Retired Seamen, before becoming a hospital in 1903. It was designed as a memorial for Frank James, the late son of American-born industrialist Daniel James. It closed in 2002.

Many local people volunteer regularly to help tend the hospital grounds as the Friends of Frank James. They have seen the deterioration at first hand.

1893.jpg Local volunteers help to clear the grounds.

              Photo by Josh Aitken

According to James Hughes, Conservation Adviser at the Victorian Society, 'We're told that windows are open to the elements and bricks are falling out. If it's as bad as it sounds, this building is dying.'

'The owner should take action. If they don't, the council need to step in. The town should not have a semi-abandoned Grade II-listed building deteriorating in this way. It's in the council's interest to turn this site around.'

'The volunteers are doing a great job gardening and tidying the hospital grounds. But there's only so much they can do. It's vital to safeguard the building itself, to make it weatherproof and secure, whatever use is found for it in the end'.

The hospital was one of the Victorian Society's Top Ten most endangered buildings in 2007.

Wednesday 14 November, 2012

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