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Hull Council: Don’t demolish locally listed warehouse for a car park!

The Society believes that such a ‘short-sighted’ move damages Hull’s long term future and is reminiscent of planning mistakes of the mid-20th century.

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Hull Council should withdraw its plans to demolish the locally listed Victorian Braves’ Hall to build a car park. The Society believes that such a ‘short-sighted’ move damages Hull’s long term future and is reminiscent of planning mistakes of the mid-20th century.

James Hughes, Victorian Society Senior Conservation Adviser, said: ‘It is shocking that a Council which less than ten years ago added Braves’ Hall to its list of local buildings worthy of protection should now decide to demolish it for a carpark. Numerous objections have been raised to the plan but the Council has failed to explain why it can’t build a carpark elsewhere or refurbish the existing multi-storey car park its demolishing.  This short sighted approach of demolishing locally listed buildings will harm Hull’s long term future and it’s desirability as a place to live and invest. The Council should reconsider its decision – or at the very least debate the issue at a planning committee.’

Braves’ Hall is a 4 storey former warehouse locally listed as ‘a particularly fine and rare example of a Victorian cast iron framed building’. Generally, planning permission is not required to demolish buildings which are not nationally listed or in a conservation area. Demolition is instead ‘permitted development’ for which only ‘prior determination’ is required. The Council granted itself prior approval for demolition without bringing the issue before its planning committee. The Council states in its application that the demolition is in order to allow ‘the future development of the area’. It is hard to see why the future development of the area would not benefit from the restoration of a handsome locally listed building.  It is still not too late for the Council to save the building and realise that the best development schemes incorporate high quality buildings to maintain a sense of local identity.  Refurbishment of the existing Osborne Street multi-storey car park would be both cheaper and achieve the best outcome for Hull.

Tuesday 5 July, 2016

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