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Museum of London’s possible move to Smithfield General Market welcomed in principle

The Victorian Society has welcomed, in principle, the news that the Museum of London may move into Smithfield General Market.

Photo: The Victorian Society

The Victorian Society has welcomed, in principle, the news that the Museum of London may move into Smithfield General Market.  The Market’s future has remained uncertain after a recent public inquiry halted redevelopment plans which would have seen much of the original market hall destroyed. Sensitive designs for the relocated museum could both secure the future of the historic London building and increase the Museum of London’s visitor numbers. The Society looks forward to seeing any plans in due course.

Earlier this year, Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, reviewed the evidence given by the Victorian Society, SAVE Britain's Heritage and others at a two week public inquiry and concluded that the ‘Western Market buildings are an integral part of the group of market buildings that is a key characteristic of the Smithfield Conservation Area and that it is important that they are repaired and put into a beneficial use that is consistent with their conservation as heritage assets’. Relocating the Museum into Smithfield Market would appear to be the kind of ‘beneficial use’ envisaged by the Secretary of State.

Director of the Victorian Society, Christopher Costelloe, said: ‘The Victorian Society welcomes, in principle, the proposal to move the Museum of London into Smithfield Market. This arrangement could be positive both for the future of this historic London building and for the Museum itself ¬- which is likely to see more footfall. However, as with any redevelopment, the proposal’s actual impact on Smithfield Market will only be appreciated once detailed plans are drawn up’. 

Tuesday 9 December, 2014

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