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Premiership football club puts historic buildings at risk

Tottenham Hotspur Football club is planning a new stadium for its White Hart lane site. The vast twenty-acre development includes a sixty thousand capacity stadium, new offices, five hundred new homes, a museum and a supermarket. It also includes the demolition of a number of historically interesting buildings.

The Victorian Society is joining English Heritage and SAVE Britain's Heritage in pushing for changes to be made to the plans in order to incorporate a total of 15 historic buildings.

The football club claims that it is not possible to deliver its redevelopment scheme without the removal of these properties as the club wants the new stadium to be visible from Tottenham High Road and to create a large public space near the entrance.

'London's historic buildings are a limited resource which we cannot afford to waste' said Heloise Brown, Conservation Adviser for the Victorian Society. 'To sweep away an entire section of the existing buildings along Tottenham High Road would remove an interesting and attractive part of the borough's history.'

Two pubs and a former dispensary are among those earmarked for demolition by Spurs, as is a row of shops; many boarded up but still in reasonable condition, which provide good background architecture for the conservation area.

Under national planning guidelines applications to demolish buildings in conservation areas need specific consent. They can only be approved if they preserve and enhance the character of such areas. An aim not achieved by destroying historic buildings to create a large expanse outside the stadium.

The Victorian Society supports the opportunity for change and renewal in Haringey, but feels that the construction of a new stadium does not need to be at odds with the retention and reuse of historic buildings.


Wednesday 28 January, 2009

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