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Spurs’ plans for Tottenham too destructive

Plans to build a new stadium for Tottenham Hotspur Football club come at too high a price for the historic area of Haringey, according to the Victorian Society.

The proposed 56,000 capacity stadium, already dubbed 'the most atmospheric in Europe' will sit at the heart of a 20-acre site to the east of Tottenham High Road.

A hotel, more than 400 homes, a museum and a supermarket are also planned. But the much-loved Red House, the White Hart pub and an attractive Edwardian dispensary are among the buildings which will be demolished if the scheme is given approval.

The developers want to replace these buildings and a row of Victorian shops with a large open space between Tottenham High Road and the new stadium.

'The imaginative reuse of historic buildings is rarely regretted, the same could not be said for the demolition of swathes of historic cityscape', said Heloise Brown, Conservation Adviser for the Victorian Society. 'Buildings like the Dispensary and the Red House should not be sacrificed to create a bland open space that will be a wasteland apart from on match days'.

Some of the buildings have been locally listed by Haringey Council and all fall within a Conservation Area which was created to protect the historic appearance of Tottenham High Road.

Under Government planning guidelines you have to apply to demolish buildings in Conservation Areas. In this case the club must show that its plans for the area preserve and enhance the character of Tottenham High Road. Knocking down the varied houses and shops which have sprung up on this major historic route into the capital will not do this; instead it will strip away an important layer of history.

The Victorian Society strongly believes that it is possible to build a new stadium in Tottenham without sweeping away key parts of Haringey's heritage.

Thursday 7 January, 2010

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