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University plans ‘highly damaging’

No reason to sacrifice half the building

Photo by skyfitsboy @ SkycraperCity

In the photo above, the threatened Edwardian wing of the former hospital is on the left. On the right is the Victorian wing. Sheffield University restored the latter - but plan to demolish the former.

The Edwardian wing of the former Jessop Hospital has been described by Conservation Adviser James Hughes as 'thoughtfully crafted and handsome'. Yet plans to bulldoze this part of the former hospital are to be submitted to the council in December.  

'Not only would it be a great loss in itself,' says James, 'but it would cause substantial harm to the setting of the rest of Jessop Hospital'. This is because the building's replacement, a new engineering block, 'fails to relate in scale or design to the listed Victorian building beside it'.

newbuilding.jpg  The planned replacement building

James adds, 'The university's aspiration to provide the world's finest engineering department is praiseworthy. But demolishing the former hospital's Edwardian wing is not the way to do this. The remaining site could accommodate a sizeable building without demolishing a listed building.'

The Society is urging the council to reject the university's plans and retain the Edwardian wing of Jessop Hospital.

Wednesday 31 October, 2012

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