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The Victorian

The Victorian is published three times a year, and is sent to all members of the Society free of charge. As well as the feature articles listed below, the magazine contains book reviews, Society news and events, casework reports, and interviews.

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Buildings in peril

No 53 November 2016

Church reordering

No 52 July 2016
In Search of Good Practice

Last orders?

No 51 March 2016
Calling time for Victorian pubs

Powerhouses of the north

No. 50 November 2015
The Future of Victorian Town halls

Philip Web - A centenary celebration

No. 49 July 2015

We mark the centenary of Philip Webb's death.

Spotlight on Tower Bridge

No. 48 March 2015

Interview with David Cannadine
Remembering Hermione Hobhouse

Our Smithfield triumph

No. 47 November 2014

Roar of victory: Our Smithfield triumph
Cry of shame: The Top Ten Endangered Buildings 2014

Revolutionary Morris

No. 46 July 2014

Fiona MacCarthy talks about her exhibition


No. 45 March 2014

Preview of the new Pevsner

The Survey of London

No. 44 November 2013

Celebrating 50 volumes of the Survey of London

Young Victorians

No. 43 July 2013

We profile five Young Victorians who have been inspired by the nineteenth century.

Libraries in crisis

No. 42 March 2013 SOLD OUT

As public libraries are threatened with closure across the nation, we look at the rise and evolution of these Victorian institutions.

William Burges: Gothic Revival genius

No. 41 November 2012

A new edition of J Mordaunt Crook's biography of Burges has been published; we explore his life and work.

Artists’ houses: Art, home, work and spirit

No. 40 July 2012

The reopening of the Watts Gallery in Surrey prompts a look at the places in which the great creative minds of the nineteenth century lived and worked.

On the right track? Renewing Victorian railway buildings

No. 39 March 2012 [sold out]

The current revival in popularity of Britain's railways presents threats and opportunities for our unrivalled railway heritage. We look at some of the current issues.

Edward Burne-Jones: Master of Victorian decorative arts

No. 38 November 2011 [Sold out]

Prompted by the publication of Fiona MacCarthy's highly-acclaimed new biography, we immerse ourselves in the life of one of the most important painters of the nineteenth century: Edward Burne-Jones (1833-98).

George Gilbert Scott bicentenary

No. 37 July 2011

This issue we celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811-78), the most successful architect of his day and the most prominent architect of the nineteenth century in Britain.

Who do you think you were? The census issue

No. 36 March 2011 [Sold out]

Census day is 27 March 2011. We celebrate the twenty-first modern census by looking at what use those interested in Victorian and Edwardian buildings might make of the information it contains. While aggregate data is immediately useful for public administration, it is the detailed records only made public one hundred years later that are of most use to those interested in geneaolgy and individual buildings.

Turn right for Hull

No. 35 November 2010 [Sold out]

As we commemorate 70 years since the Blitz, it is remarkable that Hull has been largely absent from the press coverage. Apart from London, Hull was the most heavily bombed city in Britain, so it would not seem a fruitful hunting ground for Victorian buildings, but it is surprising what has survived. Hull has a remarkably rich architectural heritage, with many good Victorian and Edwardian buildings.

Down on the farm: The rural buildings issue

No. 34 July 2010

Changing patterns of agriculture place our traditional farm buildings increasingly under threat. Yet farms are an important part of the intrinsic character and beauty of our countryside as well as being often interesting architecturally in themselves. They also can be economically valuable, in that many have great potential for alternative uses.

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