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We are the only charity dedicated to championing Victorian and Edwardian buildings in England and Wales. We fight to ensure that our precious Victorian and Edwardian architecture is protected from demolition or careless alteration for future generations to enjoy.

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Online event: Highgate Cemetery Through Victorian Eyes by Ian Dungavell

Chief Executive of the Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust Ian Dungavell delves into the history of Highgate Cemetery. Tue, Jan 26, 2021 - 7PM - £5

Victorian Society slams damaging changes to Preston’s landmark Grade I-listed Harris Museum


The Victorian Society is calling for Preston City Council to refuse plans to alter one of the finest examples of Greek Revival architecture in the country.

The Victorian Society back local campaign to stop towering 20-storey development in Brixton


High-rise development by Texan billionaire raises major concerns over the damage to Brixton’s historic environment.

High Court quashes planning permission for skyscraper after Victorian Society advice ignored


Planning permission for a 51-storey development in central Birmingham has been quashed due to the council’s failure to disclose our objection to the planning committee.

Victorian Society asks Secretary of State to call in Exeter’s Harlequins development


The Victorian Society has requested a call in over plans to build an incongruously large development in Exeter that would overshadow the surrounding low-rise historic townscape.

Listing success for Victorian Society’s Birmingham Group


The Birmingham Group of the Victorian Society has successfully had Birmingham's former Wellington Hotel Grade II-listed.

Victorian Society applies for listings to protect Worcester’s historic cityscape


The Victorian Society is the latest national body calling for Worcester City Council to reject Lowesmoor redevelopment plans. These would demolish historic buildings in a conservation area including a former music hall long associated with the male impersonating star, Vesta Tilley. The Society is in the process of submitting listing applications to help ensure their survival.

Herefordshire Council must reject demolition of historic rectory to reach 2030 environmental targets  


The Victorian Society strongly objects to the Diocese of Hereford’s plans to demolish a historic rectory in Hereford. Not only would this see Hereford’s architectural heritage diminished but reuse of existing buildings, rather than demolition, is vital to meeting the environmental commitments of both the council and the Church of England.

Victorian Society comments ‘should not be brushed aside’ says judge in Birmingham skyscraper challenge


Proposed high-rise development raises major concerns over the impact on Birmingham’s historic buildings.

Victorian society expresses concerns over proposed planning changes


Victorian Society Director Joe O'Donnell responds to proposed changes to the planning system.

Listing success for Victorian Society’s Leicester Group


The Leicester Group of the Victorian Society have succeeded in having the Former Hydraulic Power Station in Leicester Grade II-listed.

Arts and Crafts Churches


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Notice of AGM


Our online Victorian Society AGM will take place on Crowdcast at 2pm on 24th October 2020. Read more!

Victorian Society's Top 10 Most Endangered Buildings list 2020


Our Top 10 Endangered Buildings list highlights at-risk heritage all over the country in the hope of finding new solutions. Please support our fight to protect our precious historic buildings - we're currently offering £10 off our annual membership for the first year if you pay by direct debit. Click here to read more!

The New Vauxhall, Southwark and Lambeth Bridges

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