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The Victorian Society AGM in Nottingham


Date: Fri 30 September-Sun 2 October 2022

The Victorian Society's first ever Welsh built heritage day in Cardiff


Join the Victorian Society at Cardiff City Hall for a plethora of talks about Welsh Victorian and Edwardian architecture from heritage experts, celebrity guests and our Vic Soc team. Local heritage groups will be represented on stalls in the hall and the day will be followed by a walk around Cardiff.

Conference: Architectural Sculpture in Britain 1850-1914


Join Vic Soc at the Art Workers Guild for the conference day: A new aesthetic or ‘mere decoration’? Architectural Sculpture in Britain 1850-1914

​Political chaos must not delay plans to restore the Palace of Westminster


The Victorian Society has written to over 600 MPs and 60 Lords urging them to use debates this week on 12/13 July to push for a firm timeline for the restoration of the Palace of Westminster

Nominations open for the 2022 Top Ten Endangered Buildings List


Nominations for our annual Top 10 Endangered Buildings campaign are now open!

​Ipswich Museum under threat from historically insensitive redevelopment


Insensitive redevelopment of Ipswich Museum threatens rare survival of Victorian curation

Listing Success in Manchester


Former Union Bank, Heywood, Manchester, receives Grade II listing.

Young Victorian Committee Elected


Congratulations to our newly elected Young Victorians Committee.

Sandwell Council Presented The Victorian Society’s West Midlands Group’s Conservation Award


On Thursday 28th April, Her Majesty’s Deputy Lieutenant for the West Midlands, Mr John Wood, presented Sandwell Council with the Victorian Society’s Birmingham and West Midlands Group’s 2019 Conservation Award for its restoration of Smethwick Council House, built in 1907.

Victorian Society objects to 'badly thought-through' demolition of Victorian Villa in conservation area


Victorian Society object to demolition of Victorian Villa to make way for new surgery in Beeston, Nottinghamshire.

​Successful listing in Birmingham, the Samuel Heath and Sons Head Offices (1888, David Henry Ward)


Following Victorian Society caseworker, Tim Bridges’, application Historic England has listed the offices for their architectural interest and high-quality craftsmanship as well as the historic interest as testament to Birmingham’s industrial development with Samuel Heath and Son operating on the site since the company’s inception.

​Darlaston Police Station (1899-1902, Charles William Davies Joynson) successfully listed


Following Victorian Society caseworker Tim Bridges’ application Historic England has listed the building and the attached railings at Grade II.

Our new Events Coordinator


Ruth Miller will be providing events support two days a week to help take forward our events programme.

​Listing success for Norfolk Convent


All of Henry Woodyer’s extant houses of Mercy are now listed, as Abbe Pierre House and Holy Cross House (formerly the house of Mercy and Convent) in Ditchingham, Norfolk, receives grade II status, after the Victorian Society submitted a listing application at the end of last year.

The Threat to Ukraine’s Cultural Heritage: An Open Letter ​To the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, Olga Borisovna Lyubimova


The Victorian Society with other heritage groups expresses grave concern over the loss of life and the loss of tangible and intangible culture, architectural heritage, art, monuments, archaeology, and collections of art and antiquities in Ukraine