Historic England needs your help to Enrich the List

Find out how you can contribute to the Listing process.

Historic England have listed almost 400,000 properties and places over the years. From tower blocks and tombstones to windmills and rollercoasters, any area of historical interest can be submitted for listing and thereby protected for future generations to enjoy.

But with so many places across the UK now listed, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for Historic England to give each listing the detail it deserves.

That’s where you come in: 99% of people in England live within a mile of a listed building or place, and Historic England are inviting you to share your knowledge of your local listed landmarks to help uncover their secrets and share their importance.

You can share photos (new or old), historical events and social history, architectural changes – anything you think will help create a better understanding of a listed place.

Simply search for the place you know on the List, set aside a few minutes to complete the Heritage Passport form to become a contributor and start imparting your wisdom!

Together we can help Enrich the List and share the stories of our heritage.

Find out more here or search Twitter for the hashtag #ListEngland