Other publications

The Victorian Society Book of the Victorian House and other occasional publications including Building schools for Sheffield 1870-1914 and Saving a century, our 50th anniversary commemorative catalogue by Gavin Stamp.

Manchester Board Schools 1870-1902

This is a major contribution to Manchester's architectural and social history. It is the first comprehensive study of the architecture of the Manchester School Board. It includes a general introduction to the School Board and its work and a detailed, illustrated gazetteer of all the school buildings for which it was responsible.

Saving a century

The Victorian Society was founded over 50 years ago, in 1958. It was a response to a growing threat to fine examples of Victorian and Edwardian architecture. At first the new Society met with defeats -- the most notorious being the demolition of the Euston Arch in 1962. But gradually, through its publications and educational events as well as through campaigning, it slowly began to change public attitudes.

Birmingham’s Victorian & Edwardian Architects

Edited by Dr Phillada Ballard and published by Oblong Creative Ltd & commissioned by the Victorian Society Birmingham & West Midlands Group

Building schools for Sheffield 1870-1914

A book published in association with the South Yorkshire Group of the Victorian Society

Building a great Victorian city: Leeds architects and architecture 1790-1914

Edited by Christopher Webster and published by Northern Heritage Publications in association with The Victorian Society West Yorkshire Group.

The Victorian Society Book of the Victorian House

This book is packed with information about Victorian architectural ideas, building methods and materials, as well as practical advice on maintenance and conservation. For any house-proud owner of a Victorian property, this book is a unique and invaluable resource. [CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT]