Great Malvern Station Photo by Stephen Hartland


The battle to save Victorian and Edwardian buildings is far from over.

They are still being demolished, neglected or altered beyond recognition. Our campaigning has improved attitudes since the 1960s, but our voice is more important than ever as funding for the planning system is slashed, threatening protection for our precious Victorian and Edwardian buildings.

We all wish we could do more to save the historic buildings we care about.

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The Victorian Society President, Griff Rhys Jones, explains how your membership helps save Victorian and Edwardian architecture in the video above: ‘Join the The Victorian Society to ensure that there is always a voice fighting to preserve our best victorian architecture.’

Find Griff on Instagram here: griffrhysjones

Did you know?

Our members’ donations have allowed us to help save many famous buildings for reuse such as St Pancras Station, Albert Dock in Liverpool, the Foreign Office and Oxford University Museum.

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