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Manchester Board Schools 1870-1902

This is a major contribution to Manchester's architectural and social history. It is the first comprehensive study of the architecture of the Manchester School Board. It includes a general introduction to the School Board and its work and a detailed, illustrated gazetteer of all the school buildings for which it was responsible.

When state education as we know it was introduced in 1870, Manchester became a leading city to adopt the cause. Its School Board built forty schools in the years 1870-1902. They were local landmarks, as much the focus of each district as churches chapels and pubs. 

This new book is by Samantha F. Barnes with photographs by Mark Watson. Published by The Victorian Society with The Alan Baxter Foundation in memory of the late David Crellin (1965-2006). 

168 pages paperback, with many colour illustrations.

ISBN 978-0-901657-38-1 Normal selling price: £9.50 + £1.50 postage and packing. Special offer until 30 June 2010: £9.50 including postage and packing in the UK.

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