Ecclesiology Abroad


Edited by Alex Bremner. In the fourth issue of ‘Studies in Victorian Architecture and Design’, our topic is the influence of the Ecclesiological movement and the work of British church architects in the rest of the English-speaking world. Now out of print.

Victorian architecture is a diverse and multifaceted phenomenon the manifestations of which can be found not only in Britain but across the world. Ecclesiastical architecture in particular was widespread, carried to Britain's colonies and beyond by clergymen, architects, engineers, as well as via the numerous specialist publications in circulation at the time. This movement of people and ideas around the globe led to an especially rich period of church building activity, involving architects as acclaimed as A.W.N. Pugin, G.G. Scott, William Butterfield, William White, and many others.

The essays in this issue of Studies in Victorian Architecture & Design, which originate in a The Victorian Society symposium held in 2010, bring together noted scholars from a variety of countries in an analysis of the commonalities and peculiarities of ecclesiastical architecture in the wider Victorian world. Comprising eight major articles, and spanning four continents, including Canada, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States of America, these essays shed new light on the advent of ecclesiology and its influence abroad.

Victorian Architecture - an Expanded Field Alex Bremner

'Solemn Chancels and Cross Crowned Spires': Pugin's Antipodean Vision and its Implementation Brian Andrews

The Ecclesiology of Expediency in Colonial Australia Miles Lewis

Experiments in Ecclesiology: Anglican Church Building in Colonial New Zealand Ian Lochhead

The Introduction of Ecclesiology to Nova Scotia Peter Coffman

William White in the Colonies Gill Hunter

Bishop Robert Gray and Mrs Sophia Gray: Building Anglican Churches in South Africa, 1848-72 Desmond Martin

Henry Conybeare and the Gothic Revival in Bombay c.1840-1900 Mariam Dossal

Churches of the Holy Zebra: the Technicolor Meeting House in North America Michael J. Lewis

ISBN 978-0-901657-53-4

Published October 2012

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