Birmingham’s Victorian & Edwardian Architects


Edited by Dr Phillada Ballard and published by Oblong Creative Ltd & commissioned by the The Victorian Society Birmingham & West Midlands Group

As Colin Cunningham the late Chairman of the The Victorian Society wrote in the foreword: -

“This book covers the development of a small early Victorian town through the expansion that accompanied the development of a Civic Gospel, the modernity of terracotta to the fascinating explosion of artistic talent in Birmingham under the influence of the Arts and Crafts.”

Commissioned by the Birmingham and West Midlands Group of the The Victorian Society and funded by the Mary Heath Trust, its 26 essays are contributed by architectural, local and social historians, university lecturers, conservation officers and practising architects drawn mainly from the West Midland area.

8 years in the genesis, it was written in response to the paucity of published sources for Birmingham architecture and the perceived obscurity of the quality of its buildings and the local architects. Very few buildings were designed by the “big names from London” as “local pride” dictated “local buildings for local people by local people.” Some such as J H Chamberlain & W.H Bidlake are reasonably well known but the book demonstrates the high quality of the local architects and the recognition particularly in the case of late nineteenth and early twentieth century architecture of its national and international importance.

Published by Oblong Creative Ltd in Hardback ISBN 978095565727 with 629 pages and 330 illustrations, it consists of an introductory essay by the Editor Dr Phillada Ballard and followed by 26 illustrated essays on individual architects and firms. The book can no longer be purchased from the publisher and is now only available from the Birmingham and West Midlands Group of the The Victorian Society price £30 + P&P

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