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Membership starts from £2.50 a month and benefits include a subscription to our membership magazine, access to our expertise on Victorian and Edwardian architecture and early access to our busy event schedule - talks, walks and more!

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The Victorian Society faces a difficult financial situation. We've lost the income from a year's physical events and have been ineligible for heritage sector corona virus funding.

Now, more than ever, we need new members to support our fight to save Victorian and Edwardian buildings for future generations! Get £10 off the first year's membership paid by direct debit. Join online or call us on 020 8994 1019. Already joined? Please consider leaving us a legacy in your will.

The battle to save Victorian and Edwardian buildings is far from over - they are still being demolished, neglected or altered beyond recognition. Our campaigning has improved attitudes since the 1960s but our voice is more important than ever as the planning system is being rewritten, threatening protection for our precious Victorian and Edwardian buildings.

We all wish we could do more to save the historic buildings we care about. Join us and let us do the fighting for you. Without members’ financial support our specialist Conservation Advisers would not be there to make sure local authorities and churches make the right decisions to protect our heritage.

For £56 (£4.95 a month), or only £25 (£2.50 a month) for those under 35, members are at the forefront of the fight to protect our best Victorian and Edwardian architecture and receive:

  • ‘The Victorian’ membership magazine three times a year with articles on architects and buildings, home care and maintenance advice and details of our casework battles.
  • Priority booking for our events and lectures around the country and visits to places normally closed to the public all of which often sell out.
  • The ability to take part in regional groups across the country
  • Issues of our journal ‘Studies in Victorian Architecture and Design’ published while you're a member, and
  • A monthly e-newsletter.

Did you know you can claim back the cost of your membership from the Government if it relates to your work? Click here for full details and to claim on line.

Please consider paying by direct debit. This allows an extra £5 of your membership fee to be spent on casework rather than administration costs. Agreeing to Gift Aid also means we can claim 25% of your membership fee and any donations back from the Government if you are a UK taxpayer.

We have added two new membership rates for you to show your support for the fight to save our Victorian and Edwardian heritage. You can become a Supporting Member for £150 a year or a Contributing Member for £300 a year. Joining at these higher membership rates, rather than making generous ad hoc donations, allows us to use this income to budget for the future in these trying financial times. While everyone can’t afford to help in this way, those able to make this contribution will make a big difference to our fight for more beautiful places for us all to live in. Whatever you can afford, now is the time to take the plunge and sign up to support our vital work.

We have a rolling membership year. Members outside the UK should use the overseas membership form to join which has £12 postage supplement added.

Join the Victorian Society today.

Victorian Society President, Griff Rhys Jones, explains how your membership helps save Victorian and Edwardian architecture in the video above: ‘JOIN THE VICTORIAN SOCIETY TO ENSURE THAT THERE IS ALWAYS A VOICE FIGHTING TO PRESERVE OUR BEST VICTORIAN ARCHITECTURE.’

Did you know? Our members’ donations have allowed us to help save many famous buildings for re-use such as St Pancras Station, Albert Dock in Liverpool, the Foreign Office and Oxford University Museum.