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Campaigning guide on how to save Victorian and Edwardian buildings

Read more about how to notify us about a building under threat, or how to start your own campaign…

Churches by GE Street

George Edmund Street (1824-81) was beyond doubt one of the greatest architects of the 19th century, not just in Britain, but in Europe.

Conservation areas

Conservation area designation gives the local planning authority some general control over maintaining the area

Help with school projects

We would like to be able to help, but we are a small charity with few staff, and we have to concentrate our efforts on saving threatened buildings – so the short answer is no!

Help with undergraduate and postgraduate research

We would like to be able to help, but often we are asked for information that we are unable to give.

Listed buildings

The concept of listed buildings was introduced during World War II as a way of determining which buildings should be rebuilt if they were damaged by bombing.

Locally-listed buildings

Local listing is a concept that is designed to ensure that the historic and architectural interest of buildings that are of local importance but do not meet the criteria for being nationally listed is taken account of during the planning process.

Reducing the carbon footprint of your Victorian or Edwardian home

As we respond to the climate emergency, what changes can we make to Victorian and Edwardian houses to increase their energy efficiency without spoiling what is special about them?

Research a Victorian house’s history

Uncovering the hidden history of your Victorian or Edwardian house will help you appreciate it.

Victorian and Edwardian decorative tiles

Your top Victorian and Edwardian tiles questions answered.

Victorian and Edwardian fireplaces

Your questions answered on blocked Victorian and Edwardian fireplaces, reinstating fireplaces, original fireplace designs, permitted fuels, removing paint from cast iron, the best finishes; removing smoke stains.

Victorian and Edwardian interior decoration

To help you better understand how to decorate your Victorian or Edwardian house we have put together a reading list on Victorian houses and interiors, many of which may be available at your local library.

Victorian and Edwardian kitchens

We do a lot more in our kitchens than the Victorians or Edwardians did in theirs.

Victorian and Edwardian paint colours and finishes

Our answers to your top questions on Victorian and Edwardian paints and colours.

Victorian and Edwardian plaster mouldings, cornices, coving and dado rails

Your questions answered on Victorian and Edwardian plaster mouldings, cornices, coving, dado rails and more.

Victorian and Edwardian windows and double glazing

It’s true. We like timber windows. We hate seeing Victorian and Edwardian windows replaced with poorly detailed plastic.