Down on the farm: The rural buildings issue

Issue No. 34


July 2010 As we commemorate 70 years since the Blitz, it is remarkable that Hull has been largely absent from the press coverage. Apart from London, Hull was the most heavily bombed city in Britain, so it would not seem a fruitful hunting ground for Victorian buildings, but it is surprising what has survived. Hull has a remarkably rich architectural heritage, with many good Victorian and Edwardian buildings

The model farms of the Victorian countryside Susanna Wade Martins considers the importance of these buildings to our understanding of the Victorian countryside

Leighton: Victorian farming at its most inventive Edward Holland describes the importance of Leighton Farm and how it is hoped to preserve its historic character

House Notes: Thatch in Scotland - a disappearing craft Jessica Snow describes the Victorians' perception of thatch and the challenges of maintaining traditional thatched buildings

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