Hammerton School, Ouseburn Road, Darnall, Sheffield

Attractive old school unguarded and left to vandals


(1904, W.J.Hale, Grade II)

W.J. Hale built only a handful of schools for the Sheffield School Board, but this is considered to be not only his best school, but arguably the best of all his buildings. Sadly it is now in an appalling state, made worse by the fact that for many years it was not protected by any form of fencing and was at the mercy of vandals – it has now been fenced off from the street. The building is owned by an educational charity called the Madni Trust but it is not clear what plans the trust has for the building which has now been empty for well over a decade. This attractive honey-coloured Arts and Crafts style school with its baroque touches is too good to lose.

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