Hartley’s Village, Aintree, Liverpool

The Grade II-listed Hartley’s Village in Aintree, Liverpool was built between 1886-95.

Hartley’s Village, Aintree, Liverpool (three Grade II-listed buildings, 1886-95, architect unknown) Still famous as a popular brand of jam, this site is named for the former Hartley’s factory that once stood here. On the site of the factory, founder Sir Hartley built an entire village of 49 houses for his workers and in 2011 the whole site was declared a Conservation Area. Whilst the houses have enjoyed successful reuse, the remaining listed factory buildings (the main factory building was demolished in the early 20th century) have been neglected and are now largely derelict. This is an important piece of Liverpool’s industrial and philanthropic heritage and deserves to be protected, restored and celebrated.

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