Plas Alltran in Holyhead, Wales

Grade II-listed – c.1890 – Arthur Baker.

Plan Alltran’s picturesque style is said to be modelled on Plas Mawr, a fine Elizabethan townhouse in Conwy, which survives to this day. Built as Holyhead’s first purpose built Doctor’s surgery, Plas Alltran had a variety of uses from the early 1900s; rented housing, classrooms for a girls’ training institute, district nurse accommodation and boarding house, but has been disused since the early 1970s. Situated next to Holyhead Port, the building is empty and crumbling. The owner, based in South Korea, has no known plans for it. Funding is desperately needed to give this unusual building a sustainable future. The small local authority is struggling to fund even the necessary urgent works to prevent further deterioration.

Griff said:‘The sad case of this building raises the question, why buy a building on the other side of the world and then not do anything with it? This building is of great historic importance to Holyhead, and now desperately needs its owner to do the right thing and put it on the market. Plas Alltran’s rich history shows that it is a versatile building. We hope that inclusion on our list will help to secure the funding to save this fantastic building.’

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