Enviable Reputation: An Indian Engineer and the Construction of Victorian Bombay

In most architectural histories of Bombay, native engineers are either ignored or summarily dispatched because they are not seen to be the originator of ideas but, rather, functionaries who carried out orders. But is this all they were? This lecture will examine the role of one prominent Indian architect and engineer of the Victorian era, Khan Bahadur Muncherji Cowasji Murzban (1839-1917) concentrating on his official career to examine his meteoric rise and his role in the construction of Victorian Bombay. Preeti Chopra is Professor of Modern Architecture, Urban History and Visual Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and specializes in the visual, spatial, and cultural landscapes of South Asia and the British Empire.

Ticket Price: £6
Date: February 13th, 2024
Time: 07:00