Young Victorian Committee Elected

Congratulations to our newly elected Young Victorians Committee.

Image: Young Victorians Poster. Photo Credit: Alfred Portman.

Image: Young Victorians Poster. Photo Credit: Alfred Portman.

Votes are in for our Young Victorians election. Congratulations to Jake Scott elected Chair, Oliver Lane Vice Chair and Committee Members Ashley Paul and Alfred Portman. The committee will meet to set up an event series for our ‘young’ members (18-35), hoping to encourage the next generation to support our fight for Victorian and Edwardian heritage.

Jake Scott – Chair

Photo: Jake Scott.

Photo: Jake Scott.

I am beyond delighted to be elected as Chairman of the Young Victorians. Thank you to everyone who voted, and I promise to lead the Young Victorians with energy, focus and ambition. There is a lot of work to do, the least of which is inculcating and spreading an appreciation of Victorian architecture amongst younger people, but I believe myself and the new Young Victorian team will achieve this with ease. Here’s to the future

Oliver Lane – Vice Chair

Photo: Oliver Lane

Photo: Oliver Lane.

As Vice-Chairman of the Young Victorians, I’ll be supporting Jake in delivering our promised goals of attracting and retaining more young people to the The Victorian Society through social events. I’ll try my best to keep things simple but effective to serve the interests of our young members and to grow them in number.

Let’s be happy warriors for our heritage: Come for the wine, stay for fighting the wrecking ball. That sort of thing.

I’m a War Studies and Military Intelligence graduate now working as a news editor and journalist. Beyond the day job, I have a young family and I’m three years into restoring a 1904 six-bedroom in Somerset. Losing half the roof in a storm and rebuilding it by hand was hell but I smile every time I light the fireplaces we’ve reinstated. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life…

Ashley Paul – Committee Member

Photo: Ashley Paul.

Photo: Ashley Paul.

I am thrilled to be elected as a Committee Member for the Young Victorians. Thank you for your support and for casting your votes. I am very much looking forward to creating an exciting programme of events and socials, as well as getting other young people interested in Victorian architecture.

Ashley Paul has been working in the heritage sector since 2012. She recently finished a Masters Degree in Building History at the University of Cambridge where she focused on Orientalist motifs in Victorian Architecture. She currently manages Emery Walker’s House, an Arts & Crafts house museum in West London.

Alfred Portman – Committee Member

Photo: Alfred Portman.

Photo: Alfred Portman.

I have been working as Media Assistant at Vic Soc for the last six months and I’m very pleased to be able to continue my placement. I have enjoyed helping set up the Young Victorians and reaching out to other young people passionate about Victorian architecture many of whom hadn’t previously heard of the society.

I have no doubt the committee will steam ahead with the new events and look forward to contributing ideas for those based in London. I hope my being in the office at Priory Gardens will help to create an event series that compliments our existing programme of talks and events, and I look forward to sharing ideas with Ruth and the Events Committee.



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