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The Victorian Society Book of the Victorian House

This book is packed with information about Victorian architectural ideas, building methods and materials, as well as practical advice on maintenance and conservation. For any house-proud owner of a Victorian property, this book is a unique and invaluable resource. [CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT]

Britain's towns and cities still contain hundreds of thousands of Victorian houses, ranging from grand town houses to terraces of workers' cottages, from Italianate villas to Gothic Revival extravaganzas. Increasingly, the owners and occupiers of these houses have become interested in preserving them both for their own enjoyment and that of future generations, and in restoring features or decorative styles that earlier owners had destroyed in misguided attempts to 'modernize' their properties.

For any house-proud owner of a Victorian property this book represents a unique and invaluable resource. It is packed with information about Victorian architectural ideas, building methods and materials, as well as practical advice on maintenance and conservation.

Part I provides a concise overview of the development of the Victorian house, the many different architectural styles that came in and out of fashion over the period, and the lifestyles of the original owners the properties were designed to accommodate. Throughout, the emphasis is on family houses of various sizes rather than the great houses of the wealthy, which are discussed only in relation to their influence on contemporary builders and architects.

Part II discusses structures and materials, with chapters on brickwork, stone, renders and stuccos, roofs, woodwork, windows and doors, ironwork and conservatories. In each case there is useful advice on symptoms of trouble, techniques for preservation and restoration, and the correct choice of materials.

Part III covers services — fireplaces and chimneys, lighting, kitchens and bathrooms — all topics where particular sensitivity is required in order to achieve a satisfactory compromise between preserving the spirit of the original building and meeting the requirements of a contemporary lifestyle.

Part IV covers all aspects of interior decoration, including plasterwork, decorative tiles, paint colours and finishes, wallcoverings, curtains and blinds, and floorcoverings.

The book is completed by lists of further reading, places to visit and useful addresses, which include sources of more detailed information and advice.

The author: Kit Wedd is a former education officer and deputy director of the Victorian Society. She now works as a freelance writer and editor specializing in the conservation of historic buildings and interiors, and is currently researching a PhD thesis in nineteenth-century interior decoration. 

£20 plus £4.99 postage and packing within the UK (We do not ship outside the UK) This book is currently out of print - check back in a few weeks.

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