Visit: St John’s Church, Ranmoor, led by Mary Grover

A talk by Mary Grover about the History of the first St John’s Church in Ranmoor followed by a guided tour.

Ernest George and large country houses

In this talk, Hilary Grainger explores the larger country houses considered to be the backbone of his practice. He designed over two dozen with Peto and seven with Yeates, in addition to altering, restoring and adding to many others. Clients were drawn from a wide spectrum – the landed gentry, the professions, trade and industry and the middle classes.

Tour of Sheffield Town Hall – Led by Cllr Janet Ridler SCC Heritage Champion.

From Pauper Palace to Regional General Hospital – Mary Garside.

Shocking Demolition of Heritage Asset  “…in error…”

South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire Group 12 Month Review

South Yorkshire Group 12 Month Review