Who’s who on our buildings and events committees?

The London and Regional Events Committees plan and organise our programme of events. Each committee meets three or four times a year, either in London or online. Ideas for events and potential leaders are always welcome.

Events Committee

Plans and organises our programme of events. Ideas for events are always welcome. Meets three times a year in London.

  • Professor Neil Jackson, Chair
  • Julie Ashdown OBE
  • Joanna Banham
  • Dr Steven Brindle
  • Lucia Contrino (South Yorkshire)
  • Elaine Davey (Wales)
  • Kate Davey
  • June Diamond (West Yorkshire)
  • Maya Donelan MBE
  • Peter Ellis (Leicester)
  • Julia Faulkner (Manchester)
  • Michael Hall
  • Nina Hatch (Birmingham & West Midlands)
  • Roger Hull (Liverpool)
  • June Lawrence
  • Steve Roman (Liverpool & Manchester, temporary)
  • Sophie Sainty
  • Maria Toolan
  • Paul Waite

Northern Buildings Committee

Formulates the Society’s view on listed building consent applications in the North. Meets on Zoom monthly and in person in Manchester.

  • Alan Davies, Chair
  • Neil Darlington
  • Christine Davis
  • June Diamond
  • Janet Douglas
  • Alexandra Fairclough
  • Andy Foster
  • Emily Greenaway
  • Kate Martyn
  • Becky Mills
  • Ken Moth
  • John Prichard
  • Dominic Roberts
  • Kathryn Sather
  • Nigel Slack
  • Mark Watson

Southern Buildings Committee

Formulates the Society’s view on listed building consent applications in the South. Meets monthly in London.

  • John Scott, Chair
  • Tom Ashley
  • Dr Timothy Brittain-Catlin
  • Dr Edward Diestelkamp
  • Dr Brent Elliott
  • Alec Forshaw
  • Maggie Goodall
  • Michael Hill
  • Peter Howell
  • Charles Lawrence
  • Edward Lewis
  • David McDonald
  • Benedict O’Looney
  • Heloise Palin
  • Hannah Parham
  • Mark Price
  • Dr Aileen Reid
  • Professor Andrew Saint
  • Teresa Sladen

Young Victorians Committee

Oliver Lane – Chair

Ashley Paul – Committee Member

Alfred Portman – Committee Member

Birmingham and West Midlands Casework Committee

Examines planning matters in the West Midlands Metropolitan Area (Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall, Wolverhampton; Warwick District including Leamington; Redditch and Bromsgrove).

  • Joe Holyoak, Chair
  • Rob Allan (Volunteer Caseworker for Sandwell & Dudley)
  • Andy Foster (Volunteer Caseworker for churches)
  • Jasna Jaksic
  • Eva Ling
  • David Low
  • Angus Kaye (Society Representative on Warwick DC Conservation Advisory Forum)
  • Gillian Roberts (Volunteer Caseworker for Wolverhampton)
  • Barbara Shackley (Volunteer Caseworker for Solihull)
  • Matthew Vaughan
  • Mary Worsfold
  • Tim Bridges Conservation Adviser

Regional Group Committees

Our regional groups each have their own committees. For details, see the Regional Groups pages.