Recorded Talks about ​Arts & Crafts

Victorian Arts & Crafts Silver: Innovation and Influence. A Talk by Anthony Bernbaum

The talk will focus on the earliest arts and crafts silver dating from 1888-1901. It will highlight this period’s distinctive contribution to radical, early modern, design and also its influence on 20th century silver, both in Britain and abroad.

Anthony Bernbaum runs The Peartree Collection, one of the leading galleries focused on Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau silver from c. 1890-1945.

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Is it or isn’t it? A field guide to Arts & Crafts Churches. A Talk by Alec Hamilton

Alec Hamilton considers twenty-two churches that deserve to be better known. Along the way, he grapples with some thorny questions. Can a medieval church be Arts & Crafts? Can a ‘Victorian’ church be Arts & Crafts? Can you trust stained glass – and, if not, why not?

Dr Alec Hamilton is the author of Arts & Crafts Churches (Lund Humphries, 2020).

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Mr ‘Brass’ Benson: The Unassuming Genius of the Arts and Crafts Movement. A Talk by Ian Hamerton

Benson decided to ‘go into trade’ through the formation of his own business (retailing his own designs) in 1880. With a wide circle of friends in the arts, most notably Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris, Benson was a member from the inception of what later became known as the Arts and Crafts Movement. Benson’s output was extremely prolific and varied, spanning lighting, metalware, joinery, wallpapers, fabrics, and architecture.

Professor Ian Hamerton is an academic with a passion for the Arts and Crafts Movement and he holds the chair in Polymers and Composite Materials in the Bristol Composites Institute (Department of Aerospace Engineering) at the University of Bristol.

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Ernest Gimson: Arts & Crafts Designer and Architect. A Talk by Annette Carruthers

Ernest Gimson (1864–1919) practised two crafts and established workshops to make fine furniture, turned chairs and metalwork to his design.This talk covers the range of his work, including his distinctive architectural projects and some little-known embroideries.

Annette Carruthers is co-author with Mary Greensted and Barley Roscoe of a new book on Gimson published by Yale University Press in 2019: Ernest Gimson: Arts & Crafts Designer and Architect. She has worked as a museum curator with the Arts & Crafts collections in Leicester.

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