Recorded Talks about Victorian Women

Ten Birmingham Women: A Talk by Henrietta Lockhart

Winterbourne House and Garden were designed in 1903 as a family home for John and Margaret Nettlefold. This talk revolves around Margaret Nettlefold, a well-educated and confident Victorian woman, born into a prominent Birmingham industrial dynasty and destined to marry into another.

Henrietta Lockhart is Collections Officer at Winterbourne House and Garden.

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The Remarkable Pinwill Sisters. A Talk by Helen Wilson

In this talk, learn all about the remarkable Pinwill sisters who worked as professional woodcarvers in Victorian Ermington and then Plymouth. The successful Pinwill sisters, Mary, Ethel and Violet, learnt their craft and defied convention to become professional ecclesiastical woodcarvers in 1890.

Helen Wilson discovered the Pinwill sisters in 2009, while visiting Morwenstow church, Cornwall, an experience that sparked a desire to uncover more about them.

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