French Architecture and the English 1830 – 1914 Studies in Victorian Architecture & Design Volume Eight


Studies in Victorian Architecture & Design Volume Eight

This journal marks the first thorough exploration of the extensive French influences on Victorian and Edwardian architecture and decoration in England.

The allure of French fashions, pervasive in Victorian interior decoration and couture, encouraged the design of hotels, shops, public buildings, colleges and houses in an assortment of French Renaissance manners, notably the rich Second Empire style. Notable French architects also designed several ebullient buildings in England, commissioned by Francophiles and immigrants alike. In religious architecture, the English Gothic Revival was enriched and developed by mid Victorian architects’ passion for the noble churches of Normandy and the Ile de France. Later, the Edwardian period, coinciding with the Entente Cordiale, saw an outbreak of enthusiasm in England for French Beaux -Arts styles and methods of teaching architecture. All this is explored within the pages of this generously illustrated volume of accessible essays by experts from many backgrounds, including two Frenchmen and an Italian living in Paris.

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