Liverpool Street Station listing revisions should spell end for demolition plans

Liverpool Street Station and the Great former Eastern Hotel now have revised listings that include most of the 90s redevelopment

Photo: Developers mock up of proposal. Photo Copyright: Sellar/Herzog & de Meuron.

Photo: Developers mock-up of the proposal. Photo Copyright: Sellar/Herzog & de Meuron.

The Victorian Society is delighted that Liverpool Street Station’s list description now explicitly covers the majority of the very sensitive 90s redevelopment. This work expertly links the remaining Victorian trainshed and the former Great Eastern Hotel to give the impression of a coherent 19th century space. Network Rail should never have allowed consultation on redevelopment plans before the listing revisions had been decided on.

The developer’s spin that there is no harm to heritage is now completely debunked. A significant proportion of the listed station would be destroyed, holes knocked through the walls of the ballroom of the now grade II* listed hotel – as well as harm to the wider conservation area etc. The scheme must now go back to the drawing board. Network Rail should work closely with heritage organisations to develop any new plans from the start – rather than 4 years down the line when they are drawn up as happened with the current scheme.

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